Intruder alarms are designed to both protect the physical assets within unoccupied premises and to provide a safer environment for occupants. Intruder alarms deter theft and vandalism and enable a coordinated and rapid response when an alarm is activated. Early detection of an intruder is best achieved by installing a combination of detection devices throughout your premises.

These could include:

• Movement sensors

• Break glass sensors

• Vibration sensors

• Duress and hold-up alarms

• Door and window devices


.The key to a successful intruder alarm system is the careful selection and configuration of the control panel and detection devices to suit the level of risk and the physical environment. This maximises the ability to detect intruders and minimises unwanted false alarms.Whether you require a simple intruder alarm panel or a more sophisticated multi-site or enterprise solution, Chubb is able to tailor a solution to meet your needs. We support a selection of leading technology intruder alarm systems, delivering cost effective entry level systems through to fully integrated security solutions. These can expand as your needs change and include access control and CCTV.

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