Chubbsafes Bookroom Door Class B

Secure Fire Resistant Doors
Chubbsafes Security Doors are designed for a limited security risk environment suitable for securing rooms storing confidential papers, records and limited amounts of cash and valuables. This door range has been designed with the main objective of slowing down an attempted burglary with the use of oxyacetylene cuttings, high speed drilling, limited types of hand tools, manipulation and other force.

A standard combination of burglar resisting features has been integrated into this door range including re-lockers, U.L. listed keyless combination locks, high security Chubb key locks and a fully integrated quality boltwork system.

Boltwork Each Class B Bookroom Door comes secured with 4 heavy cylindrical steel bolts on the front edge of the door. An additional 4 fixed back bolts secure the back edge of the door. All bolts are 1 1/4" (32mm) in diameter and are chromed to promote resistance against corrosion. All bolts engage behind solid rebates integrated into the door frame when locked. All bolts are linked into a single integrated boltwork system and are encased within a heavy steel lock case.

Locking The Door is secured with a single UL listed Group 2, 3 - wheel keyless combination lock and a Chubb high security 7-lever key lock as standard. Both locks operate independently of each other. The Chubbsafes Class B Bookroom Door's keyless combination lock is protected by a tempered glass re-locker system that will activate a re-locker in the event the lock is attacked. The re-locker is designed to secure itself into a solid metal extrusion that forms part of the integrated boltwork system in the event it is triggered, contributing to better protection for the Door's locks. The re-locker is in turn further protected by Chubb drill resistant barrier materials, contributing to better drill and torch resisting qualities. Digital locking options are available. Masonry openings are 1956mm height by 940mm width.

Door Overall thickness of the Class B door is 4 5/16" (110mm). The protective layer consists of a 3/8" (10mm) steel door plate. The door frame is electrically welded to produce a structure of consistent strength. A fire resistant panel is also fitted to the back of the door, contributing to better fire resisting properties.

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