Chubbsafes 9000 Series Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets

Chubbsafes Record Protection Filing Cabinets - 9000 Series
The Chubbsafes 9000 series fire resistant filing cabinets carry the UL 2 hour fire rating for paper documents. The cabinets are available in two, three and four drawer models with a single key lock as standard. Testing record protection equipment in compliance to UL assures clients of its reputed protective qualities. It is well proven that burglar resisting safes and steel filing cabinets are ineffective for protecting documents from fire, as it is recommended that paper records should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 177°C.

Chubbsafes fire resistant cabinets are tested to UL 72 Class 350 which represents one of the highest and most stringent tests currently used to evaluate record (document papers) protection equipment. Cabinets that are subject to testing by UL undergo a series of tests designed to replicate the effects of a very serious fire.

Note: These products are designed primarily to provide protection against fire for paper documents.

For recommended storage of computer-based media, check out our range of Chubbsafes data cabinets. For protection against physical attack, check out our range of security safes.

Locking Standard locking is by way of a single key lock controlling all drawers. Other options are available by request.

For information on specific tests in UL 72 Class 350, visit Fire test for record protection.

9206, 9306 and 9406 Cabinets Dimensions

Cabinet Description 9206 9306 9406

External Dimensions (mm)
Height 864 1231 1598
Width 551 551 551
Depth 824 824 824
Clear external depth over furniture (Extended Drawer) 1480 1480 1480

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