Chubbsafes MiniBanker

Home or Small Business
The Chubbsafes Minibanker range is best suited to home or small business applications where lower value items require protection. Six sizes are available and all are supplied with key and combination locking as standard. It is an ideal safe for small businesses and homes. The Minibanker’s unique features make it superior in comparison to other safes within the same price range.

Body: The body consists of inner and outer plates enclosing a seamless casting of Chubb's patented M30 barrier material, forming a solid and strong monolithic structure It's a formidable barrier to a potential criminal in addition to its fire resisting properties.

Door: The door has an overall thickness of 75 mm and is secured by front moving steel bolts measuring 25mm in diameter. For added protection, the back edge of the door consists of a full length docking bolt which contributes to better resistance against forced opening when the door is locked or when the hinges are cut.

Locking: As standard the Minibanker is fitted with an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed 3-wheel combination lock and a pick resistant 6-lever Chubb high security key lock. Both locks operate independently of each other providing higher security to the locking system. The key lock is further protected by a drill resistant plate to maximise protection. Size 2 has a combination lock only. A relocking device is incorporated into the boltwork system to provide additional resistance should the locks be dislodged during an attack. Digital locking options available.

Fittings: The Safe comes complete with a standard internal steel shelf which is adjustable to suit individual customer requirements. (Size 3 and above)

Optional Deposit Drawer: Minibanker safes can be supplied with the Drop Drawer Deposit option, ex factory.

Finish: An epoxy based light grey paint that is both scratch-resistant and durable is used to coat the body and door of the safe.

Dimensions (mm):

Size Two Three Four
Outer (H x W x D): 488 x 435 x 445 590 x 435 x 445 590 x 550 x 560
Inner (H x W x D): 356 x 305 x 305 458 x 305 x 305 458 x 420 x 420

Size Five Six Seven
Outer (H x W x D): 717 x 550 x 560 894 x 550 x 560 1047 x 640 x 650
Inner (H x W x D): 585 x 420 x 420 762 x 420 x 420 915 x 508 x 508

Size Two Three Four Five Six Seven
Capacity (Litres): 33 42.5 81 103 134 236
Moving Bolt: 2 3 3 4 4 4
Net Weight (kg): 185 210 300 340 400 540

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