Chubbsafes Vault 3.5''

The Chubbsafes 3.5 Inch Standard Quality fire and burglar resistant strongroom door is specially designed and constructed to make it resistant to high speed drills, force, explosives and fire.


A solid door slab of 3.5 inches (89mm) forms the basis of the door, which has an overall thickness of 8 inches (203mm). Rectangular in form, the door is a steel shell, electrically welded to produce a strong structure filled with Chubb F 80 barrier material. This is a Chubb formulated, special steel fibre reinforced barrier material, resistant to high speed drilling, oxyacetylene cutters and jack attacks.

Locks are protected by glass re-lockers with two re-locking mechanisms activated by all kinds of attacks. These re-lockers are further protected by Chubb patented Torch and Drill Resistant (TDR) materials, which are widely used in high quality safes and vault doors to provide extra protection.

When locked, eighteen 1.5 inch (38mm) bolts maintain the door security.

The door is secured with two Chubb high security, four wheel keyless combination locks, each capable of 100,000,000 combinations.

An emergency re-locking device is incorporated in the locking mechanism to provide additional resistance should the lock be dislodged by explosives or by any other means.

The "wrapped around the wall" door frame is fabricated from steel sections electrically welded together to form a single structure. Vestibule side plates, at full height of the door, are attached to the frame and grip the inside edge of the wall.

  • Alarm Micro Switch A heavy duty micro switch is incorporated into the door for optional connection to the main intruder alarm system.
  • Grille Gate A Grille Gate can be fitted for ventilation during the day and for access control when the main door is open. The Grille Gate is secured by two drill-resistant Chubb mortise deadlocks.
  • Finish The door comes in a painted finish with an option of stainless steel cladding.
  • Locking Electronic time locks can be fitted in place of the combination locks providing numerous security features.
Description Dimensions (mm)
Over Door Frame 1346
Wall opening 1067
Clear opening of door 835

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