Deposit Lockers

The Chubbsafes Safe Deposit locker range is suitable for hotels, banks and security businesses. No two safe deposit locker installations are identical. Each installation is treated individually and is carefully planned to meet specific requirements.

Today's international tourist and business traveller has come to expect a high level of security in all hotels and motels. Your Chubb consultant is available to offer an advisory service in the system design and location of lockers.

Each locker is fitted with a dual control lock, with two keyholes. This ensures that the custodian has to be present when any safe deposit locker is accessed. One key is for the renter and the other for the custodian. The custodian’s key must be inserted first and turned before the customer’s key can be used. It is impossible for the customer to remove their key without closing and locking the door.

When lockers are supplied, it is recommended that additional spare locks are provided and are keyed as extensions to the system. All lockers are supplied with a lockable inner container. These are supplied with a hasp and staple to accept the renter's own padlock.

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