The right fire extinguisher for your needs.

Whether you work in an office building, commercial premises, warehouse environment or industrial site, having the right type of fire extinguisher in the right location is essential. 

At Chubb, we offer a range of fire extinguishers to suit specific fire fighting applications, including Carbon Dioxide, Water, Foam & Wet Chemical, Dry Chemical and Mobile Extinguisher products. 


​Fire safety risk assessments

To ensure your business or property s with relevant legislation, New Zealand and Health & Safety requirements, our experienced fire technicians can perform a comprehensive fire safety risk assessment for your site.

This includes the identification and management of high-risk areas, as well as advice on the types of fire extinguishers you need and where they should be located. We also provide scheduled testing and servicing of your fire extinguishers to ensure they are functioning correctly and appropriate for your premises.

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