Fire Detection & Alarms

​​​​Early detection of fire is critical to minimising risk to people and reducing potential damage. Every second saved through early warning can make a difference.


While the main focus of your fire protection strategy should be to prevent fire, should a fire accidentally break out early automatic fire detection is essential. Fire detection and alarm systems provide the earliest possible warning of a developing emergency situation, which in turn can facilitate safe and swift evacuation of people from your premises.


Chubb can design, supply, install and commission fire safety systems, and service and maintain any fire alarm system. We would be pleased to discuss with you any aspsect of an existing or proposed project or service opportunity and are confident we can satisfy your requirements.


We can manage the installation of the following types of fire alarm systems to the New Zealand Standards NZS4512.

Fire Alarm Types:

  • B2 Type 2
  • B2 Type 3
  • B4 Type 3b
  • B5 Type 4
  • B7 Type 5
  • B8 Type 6
  • B9 Type 7
  • B10 Type 7e
  • B11 Sub Type f
  • B12 Type 8




Inspection, Testing, Planned Maintenance and Remedial Work

Your fire detection and alarm systems may require inspection and maintenance to meet the Building Act (for your building BWOF) or you may require expert preventative maintenance to protect the significant investment in your fire alarm systems. Contact your local Chubb branch and ask about a ChubbCare maintenance solution.

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