Fire Safety

Fire is potentially the greatest threat to life, property and information so it’s great to know that Chubb's experience in protection goes back well over a century from our beginnings in the United Kingdom.

For personnel safety it’s important to have the right fire protection, but also because many businesses fail to re-open after a significant fire. Chubb offers a comprehensive range of fire detection and suppression systems with cost effective maintenance to your individual specifications.

We also ensure conformance to New Zealand and Australian standards and relevant statutory requirements in addition to fixed fire systems installation and servicing through our network of Chubb branches, we also supply a wide range of safety and rescue Fire Safety products:





Fire Detection and Alarms

Fire Detection and Alarms

Early detection of fire is critical to reducing risk to people and reducing potential damage. Every second saved through early warning can make a difference.

Fire Suppression - Sprinkler

Fire Suppression

Once detected, fire must be quickly contained and suppressed in order to e the damage suffered.

Safety Equipment - Smoke Detector

Fire Safety Equipment

Chubb is the leading supplier of advanced fire protection and rescue equipment. Providing a comprehensive range of highly dependable fire and safety solutions.

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