Fire Test For Protection

UL 72 Testing Standard Class 350

Fire Endurance Test
The objective of the fire endurance test is to ensure that the cabinet has been designed to limit internal temperature to no more than 177°C after one hour exposure (two hours for 9000 Series) to a severe fire. This is the maximum temperature permissible to protect paper.

Fire Shock Test (Explosion Test)
This test is designed to reveal if the cabinet able to withstand sudden exposure to high heat without exploding. This requires a cold cabinet to be pushed into a furnace pre-heated to 1090°C to simulate a cabinet falling into a fire. Exposure continues at this temperature for 30 minutes. If no explosion results, the cabinet is left to remain in a closed furnace until sufficiently cool to be opened.

Impact and Re-Heat Test
This test requires a hot cabinet to be dropped from 30ft (9.1 metres) onto rubble to simulate the effect of a floor collapsing during the fire. The cabinet is then returned to the furnace for another 30 minutes to prove it still provides protection.

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