First Aid Kits

With increasing changes to requirements for providing First Aid kits within the workplace and the recognition of a ‘vehicle as a workplace’, Chubb have available two Quell First Aid Kits which provide the user with a quality product with a comprehensive and substantial contents list.

These kits are both available in easily identifiable and marked, heavy duty, water resistant PVC Bags.

  • The green Premier First Aid Kit features zip shut, sealed, internal plastic pockets, to allow instant viewing of all contents in the event of emergency and mesh pockets for accessories which do not need sealed compartments.

  • The red Outdoor First Aid Kit unfolds into three with clear view sealable compartments for the contents to be easily and quickly found.

In addition to a comprehensive contents list, the kit includes a First Aid Guide, CPR Instruction Card, Hepatitis Warning Information, Notebook and Pencil.

Quell First Aid Kits are suitable for the following common first aid situations:

  • Abrasions/Grazes: Use plasters, non-adherent dressings of different sizes
  • Bites/Stings: Use tweezers, saline wipes
  • Bleeding: Use disposable gloves, dressings, bandages of different sizes
  • Burns/Scalds: Use dressings, tape, burn sheet, soap wipes, emergency blanket
  • CPR: Use mouth shield/mask
  • Dislocation: Use triangular bandage, safety pins/tape
  • Foreign body in skin: Use tweezers, scissors, bandages
  • Fracture: Use triangular bandage, safety pins/tape
  • Sprain: Use crepe bandage, safety pins/tape

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