Fixed Cameras

GE's range of Fixed Cameras slot into three target families:

  • EVR- Extreme Vivid Resolution
    1. Highest resolution in the range 540TVL colour
    2. Normal dynamic range
    3. SuperHAD and EXview HAD sensors

  • HDR- Wide Dynamic Range
    1. Wider dynamic range than EVR, over/under exposure technique
    2. 500TVL resolution colour
    3. Sony SS2 signal processing

  • XP3- UltraView
    1. Advanced CMOS type technology, GE XPosure technology
    2. 520TVL resolution colour
    3. Pixim digital processing system sensor

See below for further details about our Fixed Camera range:
Full Body Cameras

Full Body Cameras

  • Latest sensor technology
    The cameras use the latest sensor technology from Sony and Pixim
  • High Resolution
    540 TVL colour (EVR), 500TVL colour (HDR), 520TVL colour (XP3)
  • True day/night performance
    The cameras use a removable IR cut filter and configurable switching between colour and monochrome
  • Extensive Testing
    The cameras have been through a month long test cycle at 20+ sites before being cleared for formal release
  • All the expected extras
    Super Active Gain Control (SAGC)
    Intuitive on screen display (OSD)
    24AC/12VDC power options
    3 year warranty (refer terms and conditions)
Mini Dome Cameras

Mini-Dome Cameras

GE’s MD2-1500 Mini-View dome camera is an excellent solution for indoor applications where discrete security is required. Measuring just 2 inches across, the Mini-View delivers a high-resolution, colour image with backlight compensation and automatic white balance. The Mini-View is easy to install using the included wall-mount bracket. The camera can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 90 degrees for the most desirable viewing angle. A dome shroud conceals the camera’s position inside the dome, offering discrete surveillance in a small, reliable, cost-effective package.

Plastic Dome Cameras

Plastic Dome Cameras

GE Security's range of Rugged and Plastic Dome Cameras offer the following:

  • EVR / HDR / XP3 technology in rugged and plastic domes
  • Replacement models for DR/DM-1500/1800/2000 cameras
  • 500 TVL resolution (540 EVR / 500 HDR / 520 XP3)
  • Digital signal processing (HQ-1 EVR / SS2 HDR / DPS XP3)
  • Lower cost plastic dome for indoor application
  • IP66 rated rugged dome for demanding conditions
  • Integrated 3.3-12mm varifocal lens (9-22mm models available)
  • True 3-Axis Gimble for field of view optimisation regardless of mounting location
  • On-Screen-Display for configuration of camera settings
  • Captive shroud to conceal camera position

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