Hotel Locks

With over 3.7 million electronic locks installed worldwide, Onity electronic locking systems can be found in over 22,000 properties in 115 countries, including New Zealand.

Onity offers real solutions for the hospitality, holiday rental, corporate, education, Government and marine markets. Whatever your requirements, there is an Onity electronic locking solution to meet your needs. Like all Chubb solutions, Onity products are backed by a commitment to provide superior service and support.

Onity products also cater for business clients wanting a trouble free access control system. Onity locks and devices are stand-alone, providing a full range of features without the need for expensive wiring, but can also be integrated into on-line systems. Onity systems can secure a single door or an entire network of buildings; they have been installed in such diverse areas as universities, hospitals, residential buildings, offices and many others.

Discover the benefits for both you and your guests of choosing an Onity electronic locking solution:



Crafted for any property size, this Windows based solution helps your staff perform at optimum efficiency. Brilliantly designed for the hospitality industry, yet ingeniously simple to use without compromising security, the Onity HT24w system is one of the most advanced magnetic-stripe technology systems available. The PC based system is 2000, 2003 and XP compatible, has PMS and POS interfaces, allows multi-front-desk configuration and links as many check-in terminals as needed without requiring additional PCs. Provides staff shift time tables. Capability to control full range of options: room safes, on-line and off-line card readers, card identifiers, energy management systems. Works with the full variety of stand-alone locks.

Advance Locking Solution


Improving aesthetics and ease of use without compromising security
ADVANCE is a revolutionary locking solution that is destined to change the way you look at hotel security design. ADVANCE combines the proven reliability of the world's most trusted name in electronic locking with a fresh new aesthetic look. The ADVANCE lock features a unique two-piece modular design and an array of attractive options that allow you to seamlessly blend your guest room door locks into any hotel décor. Using Mag-Stripe technology the advance lock has an array of useful functions, a non volatile memory recording the last 500 lock openings including date, time and card used, programmable door unlocked time, programmable passage mode and low battery indicator lights.


Advance RFID

ADVANCE RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is Onity's newest locking system innovation. The ADVANCE RFID combines all the aesthetic options of the modular, design-centric ADVANCE lock with the security and reliability of contact-less RFID technology. Since no physical contact between the card and the reader is required, this technology eliminates the need for users to swipe keycards, making authorized access quicker and more convenient. The ADVANCE RFID uses industry standard MiFare® technology. The system accepts cards or tokens and has all the standard features found in the standard ADVANCE lock.

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