Hotel and Room Safes

Chubb have a range of safes designed specifically for hotel and hospitality use, it could be a simple in room safe or a commercial grade safe with deposit facility for back of house use.

In Room Safes
The electronic hotel room safe is a revolution in today's hotel security management. It not only provides security and convenience for hotel guests but also provides flexibility and customisation to the hotel management. For the hotel guests, the Electronic Hotel Safe operates on a personal pin number for confidentiality with code to lock function to help alleviate lost combinations.

The Chubb-Wise SFT-35EPL

The Chubb-Wise SFT-35EPL

Designed with the end user in mind with simple user functions, the all important code to lock technology, convenient bright led display and multiple wrong code lock out facility make the Chubb-Wise unit both secure and cost effective.


Onity OS600 Electronic Safe

The Onity OS600 is the most versatile in room safe in the Onity stable and available through Chubb. This easy to operate model uses a 4-digit code in combination with the room keycard and offers increased security through an audit trail and a “Non-resident Master Code”.

The OS600 uses code to close technology with an audit trail of the last 100 openings and emergency opening capability via a password protected hand held device. Other benefits include, shut down mode for extended battery life, low consumption motor and replaceable mechanism for easy servicing.

Back Of House Safes

Back of House Safes

Chubb also have a range of commercial safes ideally suited for hotel back of house or rear office functions. With digital multi user or key and combination locking, deposit draws and customised internal fit out options.

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