PEFS Compliance

AS5062 - Chubb PEFS Fire Protection System is the first to be compliant with new standards

The new Australian Standard, AS 5062 “Fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment” has raised the bar for fire protection systems used on heavy machinery. The result of four years of development originating from the needs of the mining industry, AS 5062 provides a nationally consistent and sound approach to the design, installation and operation of fire protection systems used on mobile equipment in Australia.

Chubb is committed to meeting the highest industry standards and is proud to be the first manufacturer to have its PEFS (Pre-Engineered Foam Spray) fire suppression system independently assessed for compliance to the requirements of AS 5062. Chubb’s PEFS system has been assessed by CSIRO and is the first AS 5062 compliant fire protection system listed on CSIRO’s ActivFire Register of Fire Protection Equipment.

Whilst developed specifically with the mining industry in mind, AS 5062 is also applicable to mobile plant and vehicles used in a wide range of industries. This could include the forestry, construction, rail and agricultural industries where equipment typically operates in harsh environments and maybe subject to severe shock and vibration. AS 5062 incorporates rigorous component testing criteria to ensure fire systems are “fit for purpose” for use in the harsh environments in which they are required to operate.

In addition, as fires on large mining vehicles can spread rapidly, potentially endangering life, resulting in loss of high value capital equipment and causing severe business interruption, fire systems must not only be “fit for purpose” in terms of component durability but also in terms of suppressing the extremely challenging fires which are typically encountered. As a result, challenging fire testing protocols are included in AS 5062 to prove fire system performance.

Chubb’s PEFS system achieves impressive fire suppression capabilities through the combination of foam discharged in the form of a finely atomized spray. Strategically positioned nozzles direct the high velocity foam spray and provide “three dimensional” fire fighting properties, allowing the system to suppress pressure fires that may occur as a result of a ruptured fuel or hydraulic line. The fine droplets of foam are extremely efficient at absorbing large amounts of heat before turning to steam, which further enhances the three dimensional fire fighting properties of the system. Once discharged, the foam is effective in suppressing spill or pool fires which may result from the collection or leakage of fuel. The resulting foam blanket provides post fire securement.

A number of significant product improvements have been incorporated in Chubb’s PEFS system to comply with the requirements of AS 5062, including the VS Control System. The VS Control System is an electronic detection and control system which interfaces with the fire suppression system and the machine being protected. The VS control system provides system status and fault monitoring and can be configured to control suppression system activation, provide auxiliary alarm outputs and equipment shutdown functions. The VS control system incorporates battery back-up in case of loss of primary power and all detection and actuation circuitry is monitored for faults. Go back to Pre Engineered Systems.

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