PTZ Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom, PTZ cameras, like the popular CyberDome II, give you tremendous flexibility in camera placement and control of your surveillance environment. GE Security’s PTZ systems come in a variety of styles and functionalities with several resolution and application configurations to meet every application type. You can also choose from a wide variety of accessories and options, including time-schedule operations and email notification of alarms.

See below for further details about our PTZ Cameras:

Cyberdome II Camera

Cyberdome II

CyberDome II updates the best-selling integrated PTZ camera from GE Security with enhanced features. The dome works with multiple vendor systems and can easily be installed in existing systems. Available housings are more durable and permit installation of the dome in a range of applications. Choose from compatible camera modules that include day/night and wide dynamic range functionality.

  • Comprehensive programming choices with advanced options to meet almost any application
  • 128 preset positions, 4 preset tours, and 4 Shadow Tours
  • Control day/night settings through the camera module or a unit sensor to get best results
  • Choose from many options in camera module, housing and accessories
  • Quick Spin feature spins camera 180 degrees automatically when bottom of tilt travel is reached
  • Variable speed pan/tilt
  • Site-tied memory allows camera replacement without reprogramming
Legend IP Camera

Legend IP

Legend IP from GE Security is our industry-leading integrated dome camera line, adding full frame rate streaming video to the already feature-packed product. Legend IP is fully compatible with the SymSuite family of IP-based products from GE Security.

  • SilkTrak™ direct drive for smooth & precise PTZ movement
  • Comprehensive programming choices via graphical menus
  • provide flexibility for all applications
  • Advanced MPEG-4 compression allows full D1 resolution at 30 frames/second
  • Selectable streaming video resolution of D1, 2CIF or CIF
  • Video streaming with UDP support
  • Remote configuration over Ethernet
  • Video quality settings of standard, medium and high
  • Alarm reporting over Ethernet
  • Email notification on alarms
  • Spherical privacy masking
  • Single hand insertion and removal

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