Room Integrity Testing

To ensure the effectiveness of a gaseous fire suppression system, testing the ‘integrity’ of the room is vital to ensure the protected area is well sealed and the gaseous agent won’t escape, causing the fire to possibly re-ignite.

Room Integrity Testing is environmentally friendly and the service is repeatable allowing the room to be tested at any time, for example, following any changes made to the protected area.

For any gaseous fire suppression installation to be effective, the designed extinguishing agent concentration must first be achieved, and then maintained. In order to achieve this the protected area must be adequately sealed. Integrity Testing calculates the leak-tightness of a room and predicts how long it would take for the extinguishing agent concentration to fall.

The test equipment comprises of variable speed fans, expandable door panels, pressure gauges and a dedicated portable computer. If the test area fails to satisfy the requirements, a detailed survey is carried out noting the leakage areas so that remedial sealing works can be carried out.

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