The KeyWatcher

Key Control System
Have you control over your site?
Do you know who has which set of keys?
Did the maintenance subcontractor return the site keys?
Do your staff need to take keys home?

Chubb has a range of key control systems from KeyWatcher that can help. These intelligent secure cabinets keep keys secure when not in use. Utilising steel construction and intelligent software these electronic key cabinets control access to keys and can be programmed with notification rules around late key return or forced entry, along with a detailed audit trail. Each user has a unique pin code or biometric I.D which is entered before the KeyWatcher will release the designated keys. The KeyWatcher system is ideal for government departments, institutions, correctional facilities, hospitals, automotive companies, multi site operations, and vehicle or plant pools where key control is important.

If keys are lost, what's the cost?
Replacing and re-keying is expensive, but lost confidence costs even more. No more sloppy tags, no more outdated manual logs, no more wondering who took the key.

Smart Key
The KeyWatcher system utilizes Smart Key as an integral part of its operating system. The tough, tamper-proof housing holds a smart chip that creates the electronic link between the key and the cabinet. Each key is individually electronically coded and come in a variety of colours for easy identification.

The KeyWatcher Cabinet
The Secure Key storage cabinet is constructed from18 gauge steel. The cabinet comes with an in built CPU and keypad. Should mains power fail the KeyWatcher will run for up to 48 hours on an internal power supply system. The cabinet can be mounted on any wall and is available with an optional glass front. You can configure multiple cabinets to handle thousands of keys.
KeyWatcher takes accountability for your keys and lets you know when something is amiss. Use of an overdue key, an open door, or even misuse of the keypad will trigger an alarm, send an email and record the event in the log file. KeyWatcher has powerful audit trail reporting. You can track key movements by date, time or PIN code.

With its built-in serial port connectivity you can access, program and monitor KeyWatchers over a network from anywhere in the world, access reports, change users or configure KeyWatcher using TCP/IP.

Key-Pro™ Software

KeyWatcher has some sophisticated software that is powerful yet easy to use. Key-Pro Performance Software allows you to manage your keys the way you want. Assign users and put restrictions on them - this allows you to customise every user, which keys they can access and how long they should have them. You can do this for up to 1000 users. The Key-Pro Software has a built-in scheduler that automatically downloads all KeyWatcher data to centralised or remote computers. As a result, transaction and alarm information is viewable in real-time via Key-Pro's graphical interface.


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